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Bongee Bear & the Kingdom of Rhythm

1h 30min | English |  Brian Zemrak

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A young orphan bear named Bongee befriends Princess Katrina. When the witch Bandrilla casts a spell on the people of the Kingdom preventing them from doing what they love most, dancing, Bongee Bear set out to break the spell.


Starring (Voice Over):


Julian Sands, Daryl Sabara, Jeff Bennett, Ruth Buzzi, Jess Harnell

Release April 20-April 22 2021 


Film Release


September 2020 North America TV-SVOD


Maine International Film Festival 2019

Winner, International Competition




About the Director


Winslow, Maine-based Brian Zemrak and his California-based brother Derek have been at work on this charming animated family film musical for a decade and a half—and here it is at last!


In a land known as The Kingdom of Rhythm, a young orphan bear, Bongee (voiced by Emmy winner Rob Paulsen), becomes the life-long friend of the young Princess Katrina (voiced by Debi Derryberry) and vows to protect her with his life.


When the evil witch Bandrilla (voiced by Golden Globe winner and multi Emmy nominee Ruth Buzzi) casts a spell on the people of the kingdom, Bongee sets out, with the aid of his wacky friend Myrin (voiced by Golden Globe and two-time Emmy nominee the late Dom DeLuise) and the wise owl Mindy (voiced by two time Emmy nominee June Lockhart), to break the spell and return singing and dancing to the land while Bandrilla and her henchmen, Barnabas and Ivan, do all they can to stop them. Bongee Bear and the Kingdom of Rhythm is a tender, fun-filled musical romp in the tradition of classic fairytales.





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