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2h 00min | Swedish | Rasmus Tirzitis

Several dead bodies have been found in Gothenburg striking fear into the city's population. We follow Goran Lidman who will head the task of tracing the offender. Clues lead to suspicions of an occult group. The former reverend Gabriella, who has her own reasons for wanting to stop the killings, offers Lidman her help.



Göran Sjögren, Urban Bergsten, Erik Bolin, Alexandra Zetterberg, Christian Kinell, Yohanna Idha, Kjell Wilhelmsen, Lars Väringer, Alexandra Alegren

This video has been deleted.

Festivals and Awards


London Independent Film Awards 2017   

Winner, Best Foreign Feature


Five Continents International Film Festival 2017   

Winner,  Best Feature Film


Highway 61 Film Festival, Minnesota 2017

Winner, First Place


Los Angeles Horror Competition 2017

Winner, Platinum Award


About the Director


Rasmus Ludwig Emanuel Tirzitis (born 31 July 1986) is a Swedish film director and editor from TrångsundStockholm. He is best known as the director and producer of Star Wars: Threads of Destiny which is a fan film, created by fans of George LucasStar Warssaga.

At a very young age he started pursuing painting, but quickly switched his focus to moving pictures. His production company is Tirzitis Entertainment.

Tirzitis have been awarded in Hollywood, among other things for the best direction for Vilsen. Besides directing and editing films, Tirzitis is also a movie trailer editor with over

one hundred trailers under his belt.




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