One Crazy Thing

1h 34min | English |  Amit Gupta

Jay is a former daytime TV star whose life has hit rock bottom until he meets his dream girl. Hannah is bright, beautiful and hates modern life. There's just one problem. How does Jay tell Hannah about the leaked sex tape which made him an internet sensation?




Ray Panthaki,Daisy Bevan,Riann Steele,David Bamber, Dan R. Skinner


Release Dates


October 18th 2018 

Theatrical Release

United Kingdom


East End Film Festival - London 2017




About the Director


BAFTA-nominated writer and director for film, theatre and television, Amit Gupta is named as Leicester’s Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre’s first honorary patron.


Amit Gupta has written and directed three feature films: Resistance, which starred Michael Sheen and Andrea Riseborough and was nominated for three BAFTAs; Jadoo which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival; and One Crazy Thing released theatrically in 2018.


As young artist, he is considered to have brought a fresh approach on filmmaking in Kosovo. In april 2018, he completed his first feature film "Cold November", supported by Kosovo Cinematography Center, and Albanian film center.






Release April 14-April 16 2021