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The Arrangement

1h 30min | English |  Jake Hunsicker

Two lonely detectives investigate a series of mysterious midnight deaths. The first victim has a picture of her with the next, and with each death the picture changes to show the next victim, sending the detectives on a paranoid journey into the victim's past.


Starring :


Eric Roberts,Deborah Twiss,Britney Amber,Mike Sutton,Joshua Coates


Film Release


July 7th 2020 North America Limited Theatrical


Garden State Film Festival 2021

Golden State Film Festival 2020




About the Director


The Arrangement is director Jake Hunsicker’s first feature and he does some sterling work, showing brashness and confidence. He has used the obvious influences of David Fincher and Jordan Peele to help carve his own niche where he can show supporting characters who are not always as they seem, leaving his leads blind-sided.  


All the performances are strong and this is in part thanks to Andrew Hunsicker’s screenplay who, as the writer, creates plausible and literate dialogue that all the cast, particularly Roberts, devour.





"The Arrangement" Trailer | 90 Seconds
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Release May 2-May 12 2021 

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