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Un Monde Ailleurs

1h 30min | French |  Étienne Faure

UN MONDE AILLEURS de Etienne Faure Bande Annonce
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In the heart of a tropical forest in South America, five boys set out on a long walk in search of a mysterious healer. Following the

injury of one of them, they are stranded at the edge of an impossible river. to cross.




Alain-Fabien Delon,Paul Bartel,Pierre Prieur,Emile Berling

Release May 10-May 12 2021 


Film Release


October 7th 2020 France Limited Theatrical

About the Director

Nominated at Berlinale 2015 for "Bizarre"


Etienne Faure begins to realize several short films: "The Invisible Lyrics" with Guillaume Depardieu, Thomas Langmann, Olivier Martinez awarded in many festivals, « All The Boys » with Jean-Claude Brialy, Elodie Bouchez and Thomas Langmann and "the End of the Night" with Sebastien Roch. He also signed a documentary « Looking for Tadzio » on the young actor's film Visconti "Death in Venice".


Then he produced and directed his first feature film « In extremis » in which we find Sebastien Roch in the lead role alongside Julie Depardieu, Aurélien Wiik, Jean Claude Brialy, Christine Boisson. He decides to continue in duality producer / director, and created with Stéphane Gizard Eivissa Productions society and became a member of the famous Society of Authors, Directors Producers (ARP). Two other productions follow: a short film "Prisoner" and "What? Eternity ": documentary for Planete and TV5 about Arthur Rimbaud with the participation of Jean-Claude Brialy, Dolores Chaplin, Jocelyn Quivrin, Christopher Hampton, Bertrand Delanoe, the singer Raphael ... and produce a short film "Lapis Lazuli" directed by Boris Diéval with Yoann Libéreau.


Then produced and directed « The Illusions » his second feature film starring Aurélien Wiik, Catherine Wilkening, Caroline Guerin, Baptiste Caillaud, Lea Seydoux... Chaos (Desordres) is his third feature film with Isaach De Bankole, Sonia Rolland and Niels Schneider. Presented in many international films festivals it has been released in France in April 2013 the next feature film is Bizarre (shooting 2014 in NYC) presented in world premiere at Berlin film festival and many others international films festivals. 





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